Your account number can be found on any rental invoice. You will need this account number to complete your online payment. Please note that this portal currently only supports THRHA rental properties and cannot be used to make mortgage payments for Haa Yakaawu Financial Corporation. Any mortgage payments made through this portal will be immediately refunded.


Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority offers pre-authorized, regular automatic monthly deductions for all rent payments. This is known as direct debit payments and tenants with a positive payment history for the past 12 consecutive months are qualified to enroll in this program.

Getting started is quick and easy! Simply download the application, returned the signed and completed application to our main office in Juneau along with a copy of a voided check. If payments are to be deducted from savings account, please return the completed form with a copy of your deposit slip instead.

At this time, you can choose a deduction date of the 1st or the 10th of each month. Once we receive your completed form, please allow 10 business days for processing. Please note that once you are approved, the monthly deduction will continue until we receive written notification from you that you wish to discontinue this service. If you change banks, need to opt out for any particular month, or decide to mail a check as payment, please notify us within at least 6 business days of your deduction date.