This program is offered in the following communities:

Juneau—Kanata Deyi Subdivision and Kake.

THRHA’s HOME Rental Program is designed to assist families who need affordable rental housing.

Depending on the funding source for a particular complex, units may require THRHA give preference to applicants who are enrolled tribal citizens. Please contact THRHA about the eligibility requirements for your community.

THRHA manages over 540 units in 17 communities with 8 programs throughout Southeast Alaska.

Program Features:

    • 2-4 bedroom unfurnished single-family or duplex style homes.
    • Rents are based on the annually revised HUD median family income limits.
    • Rent is based on 30% of the household income.
    • Applicants are selected based on date of application and preference points.
    • ​​Preference points are given to applicants who are homeless, live in overcrowded conditions, live in substandard housing, victims of domestic violence, residents of the community, and honorably discharged veterans.
    • Program administrated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Preference Considerations:

    • Disability
    • ​​Displacement by natural disaster, domestic violence, or family reunification.
    • Homelessness or substandard housing
    • Terminal illness
    • U.S. Military Veteran
    • Working family, disabled, and elderly
    • Enrolled tribal citizen (where applicable)


    • ​​The income limit depends on the unit. Units are either for tenants with an annual income of 50, 60, 80 percent or less of the median family income for your community.