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*Interested in applying but your community is not listed above? Contact your local tribe or BIA Housing Office.

The Housing Improvement Program (HIP) provides grant funding to assist with the construction of a new home.

The BIA Housing Improvement Program is a home repair, renovation, replacement, and new housing grant program for American Indians and Alaska Native (AI/AN) individuals and families who have no immediate resource for standard housing and is administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and federally recognized Indian Tribes.

To be eligible for BIA HIP assistance, you must meet the following requirements:

    •  Be tribal citizen of a federally recognized American Indian/Alaska Native nation;
    •  Reside in an approved tribal service area community that THRHA can serve (see list below);
    •  Have an income that does not exceed 150% of the U.S. Department of Health and HumanServices (DHHS) Poverty Guidelines (see matrix below);
    •  Have present housing that is substandard, as defined by regulation;
    •  Have no other resource for housing assistance; and
    •  Have not acquired your present housing through a federally sponsored housing provider.

2023 DHSS Poverty Guidelines for AK—published January 19, 2023

Persons in Family/ Household

Income Limit

















*For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $6,430 for each additional person.

Eligible Categories

    • Category (A)
      a. Provides up to $7,500 in housing repairs for conditions that threaten the health and/or safety of the occupants. 
    • Category (B)
      a. Provides up to $60,000 in repairs and renovation to improve the condition of a homeowner’s dwelling to meet applicable building code standards. 
    • Category (C)
      a. Provides a modest new/replacement home if a homeowner’s dwelling cannot be brought to applicable building code standards. 
    • Category (D) 
      a. Provides down payment assistance for individuals to use with Tribal housing programs and/or other participating lenders. 

Application Period

THRHA accepts BIA HIP applications year-round and will submit complete applications to BIA near the end the calendar year for the next year’s funding allocation. 

    • BIA HIP applications not funded can be carried over, or pooled, for up to three years. 
    • BIA HIP application must be updated every year to remain in the application pool. 

To Apply:

For an application to be considered complete, it must include:
    • Original signed application
    • ​Proof of tribal enrollment
    • ​Proof of income (most recent Federal Tax Return and W-2 Form)
    • ​​Copy of property deed or land lease (if applicable)

Applications are reviewed at the end of each calendar year • Not all applicants are selected • Thank you for your patience.


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Can I apply if I am renting?

o No, you must own the home that you are applying to repaired. 

Do I have to own my land to build a modest home?

o You may be eligible if you are the owner or leaseholder of land suitable for housing and the lease is for not less than 25 years at the time assistance is received. 

Do I need a preapproval letter from the bank/USDA before applying for Category D?

o No, you can put “in progress” for bank financing when applying for down payment assistance. 

What should I send to THRHA right away?

o BIA HIP Application—  Download Application Here

o Proof of federally-recognized Tribal citizenship 

o Proof of income for all household members—earned & unearned 

o Proof of homeownership—only for Category A, B, & C applicants 

o BIA HIP Authorization to Release Information—attached 

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