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Before THRHA created the Home Ownership Assistance Program (HOAP), many families purchased their home through the New Mutual Help program. While no more homes will be built under this program, occasionally, a New Mutual Help home is vacated and made available to a new tenant.

Approximately thirty years ago, THRHA established the New Mutual Help Program to assist families in rural Alaska purchase a home. To date, New Mutual Help has assisted nearly 500 southeast Alaska Native families in becoming homeowners. Research shows a range of social benefits as result of homeownership, including improved housing quality, satisfaction and positive conditions for childhood development.

Program Features:

    • 3-5-bedroom single-family homes that are rent-to-own and will be conveyed to the tenant after 25 years.
    • Monthly payments are based on 15% of adjusted gross family income (certified annually by THRHA).
    • ​​Tenants are given a monthly utility allowance as they are responsible for all utilities for their homes.
    • $1,500 down payment required.
    • ​​​Compared to a conventional bank loan, THRHA’s program is more affordable.
    • Waiting list is currently closed and will only open when a unit is available or listed as soon to be available.


    • Have an annual household income that is 80% or less of the median family income for your community.
    • ​​At least one member of the family must be and enrolled tribal member.