Keep up with the latest seasonal home maintenance tips.

For many, a home is the most expensive and valuable asset they own. Just like a car that requires upkeep (oil changes, filter changes, etc.) to stay in top condition and protect its value, a home should also receive regular and preventative maintenance. THRHA understands that owning a home can sometimes be a daunting venture and remains committed to helping our clients maintain a safe and healthy home through tips and suggestions from our experts.  The benefits of home maintenance include:


    • Saving money by taking care of small problems before they become big expenses.
    • Keep your home running efficiently.
    • Eliminate preventable failures and unexpected repairs.
    • Maintaining and increasing your home’s value.
    • Reducing energy consumption.
    • Improving your home’s safety.
    • Peace of mind knowing your home is safe and you have minimized the chances of things going wrong.

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