This program allows HOAP or New Mutual Help Program participants to take out a loan through THRHA for repairs or improvements to their home. The home owner is responsible for getting an estimate and submitting it to THRHA for review.

Program Features:

    • Offers up to $30,000 for repairs, energy-efficiency improvements and structural additions/expansions.
    • Loan is repaid by making additional monthly payments.
    • Two categories are covered by this loan:
    • Home improvements & structural changes
    • Repairs that brings the house in compliance with building codes
    • Interest rate is based on the current prime interest rate plus two percent


    • Be a current HOAP or New Mutual Help Assistance Program participant who has been current on your monthly payments for the past year.
    • Show that you will use the funds to correct conditions that pose health or safety risks; to make your home more energy efficient; to build a functional addition; or to make property improvements.
    • Demonstrate the ability to afford a new maintenance loan in addition to regular house payments.

Preference Considerations:

  • This program is offered to people currently participating in THRHA’s New Mutual Help or HOAP Programs.

Contact Housing Services at (907) 780-3119 or fax a request to (866) 684-5856 to have an application sent to you.