This program is offered at the following properties:

Juneau—Glacier Village Subdivision

Ketchikan—Carlanna Subdivision

Yakutat—Rental developments only

$40 million in grant funding has been secured by THRHA and has assisted tribal partners to secure funds during the past 10 years.

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC) is a public program based on Section 42 of the IRS Code that is available to all income eligible applicants.

This is a program designed to give very low­ income families an opportunity for permanent affordable housing.

Applicants who are also enrolled tribal citizens may qualify for the THRHA rental subsidy program. THRHA also accepts Section 8 vouchers.

Program Features:

    • Unfurnished single family, duplex, or 4-Plex style homes that have 2-4 bedrooms.
    • Rent is based on the number of bedrooms, family size, and household income.
    • Single-family, zero- lot line, or townhouse style homes.
    • Rents are based on HUD’s low-income rent amount.
    • ​​Tenants may have the opportunity to purchase the home or continue renting after the initial 15-year period.


    • Proof that household income is less than 60% of the median income for resident’s community.
    • ​​Adult household members must pass a background check.

Preference Considerations:

    • ​​Living in a Southeast Alaska community
    • ​​​Disability
    • Displacement by natural disaster, domestic violence, or family reunification.
    • Homelessness or substandard housing
    • ​Terminal illness
    • Working family, disabled, and elderly
    • U.S. Military Veteran