THRHA provides FREE Weatherization services to eligible households in many Southeast Alaska communities under the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s Weatherization Assistance Program. The program is available to households up to 100% of median family income (MFI) levels for their community.

The program is available to all community members; however, priority is given to seniors over age 55, families with children under the age of 6, and persons with disabilities. THRHA has specially trained weatherization crews and assessors to conduct the energy audits and perform the weatherization repairs to make homes more energy efficient, safe and comfortable.

Weatherization improvements can include:

    • Energy Audit
    • Insulation in Attics and Walls
    • Furnace Safety Testing
    • Sealing Air Leaks
    • Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL)
    • Energy Conservation Information

Program Features:

    • Free Weatherization repairs for eligible households with incomes under 100% MFI for their community 
    • Seniors, disabled, and households with small children will have a higher priority.


    • Meet income guidelines.
    • The dwelling must not have received an AHFC Home Energy Rebate after May 1, 2008 (or) Weatherization Assistance Program Services after April 14, 2008.


How does the THRHA Weatherization Program work?

The THRHA Weatherization Program provides free weatherization services to Southeast Alaska residents. Qualified homeowners or renters can apply for these services by contacting THRHA. Once you contact THRHA, you will need to follow a few simple steps to receive weatherization services:

  • Complete an application. THRHA will provide an application and assist you with completing it.
  • Once your application is approved, THRHA will schedule a free home energy audit. The home energy audit will identify the most appropriate and cost-effective improvements to be applied to your home.
  • After your home’s appropriate measures are identified, THRHA will schedule the service appointment. A qualified crew of weatherization technicians will install the appropriate improvements in your home.
  • Once the work has been completed, an inspector will return to your home to assess the work for quality and completion.
  • You’ll save energy, cut your utility bills and enjoy a more comfortable home.

What are the benefits of weatherizing my home?

There are numerous reasons for homeowners or renters to participate in the Weatherization Program. Whether you are looking to save money, improve the comfort of your home, or help protect our environment, weatherization can help. Here are some benefits to weatherizing your home:

  • Lower your monthly energy costs
  • Save money
  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Do your part to slow climate change
  • Help preserve our natural resources
  • Keep your home cool in the summer
  • Keep your home warm in the winter

Do I qualify?

Income eligibility is determined by the annual household unit gross taxable income for the 12 months preceding the month in which an application is completed. Contact THRHA to speak with one of our weatherization team members to see if you quality.

How do I apply?

Before you fill out an application, you should contact THRHA to see if your home has been previously weatherized. If a home was weatherized prior to May 14, 2008, it will be eligible to be re-weatherized in the Weatherization program for those individuals meeting income guidelines. However, these previously weatherized homes will not be as high a priority as those never weatherized. Once your local weatherization agency confirms that your home is eligible for weatherization, you can fill out and return an application.

What if I rent my home or apartment?

If the landlord agrees, renters in single-family, multi-family and mobile home residences can qualify for the free Weatherization Program. Contact THRHA for details.

What if I live in a mobile home?

Mobile homes are also be eligible for the program.

How does the client ensure that the work completed by THRHA is high quality?

Once the weatherization work is completed, an inspector will return to your home to assess the work done and make sure no work was missed.