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Financial Literacy training has been provided for 1,900 people during the past 6 years.

The Financial Cent$ Program is designed for low-income clients to encourage self-sufficiency and help build stronger communities. This program includes individual financial coaching, elder financial abuse, and youth empowerment classes.

Program Features: Three-Phase Financial Literacy Training:

    • Phase 1: Building Native Communities: Financial Skills for Families
    • Phase 2: Curriculum specific to the group’s request (i.e. credit, investments, or retirement)
    • Phase 3: Individual Financial Coaching, with the goal being financial stability sufficient for homeownership

Elder Financial Abuse:

    • Empower elders to avoid financial fraud and scams. 70 per­ cent of wealth in the United States belongs to the 55 years of age or older populations. 1in 13 older persons will be financially abused, neglected and/or exploited. Offering elder education empowers this vulnerable demographic to take charge of their financial decisions and arm them with the resources they need.

Youth Empowerment Classes:

    • ​​Addresses important topics like credit, student loans and scholarships, savings, and money culture. Schools like An­ goon High School have provided their students with Financial Cent$ classes to help them create budgets, identify scholar­ ships, understand credit, and take advantage of programs like the student housing voucher program under which students can qualify for up to $3,000 a year for housing expenses.

Amanda Porter of Yakutat 

Individual financial coaching and budgeting has allowed Amanda to pursue higher education goals. Amanda participated in the first two phases of our Financial Cent$ program which qualified her to sign up for an Individual Development Account. Amanda saved $1,000 which qualified her for a $3,000 match, enabling her to start her Master’s program